Our Plans

Prices In U.S. Dollars

Pair Class

  • 2 Students (invite a friend or classmate)
  • One 60-minute Class per Week
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Monthly Progress Report

1-1 Classes

  • 1 Student per Instructor
  • One 60-minute Class per Week
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Monthly Progress Report

Open Courses

  • Live & Recorded Classes
  • Access Lessons Anytime
  • Interact with Instructor and Students
  • Reviewed and Graded Assignments

Questions & Answers

Yes. Instructors are background-checked, trained by us and we provide them with curriculum, lesson plans and all the tools necessary to effectively teach our students. They also have flexibility to adapt the pace and content to each student's interests and progress.

Yes. With a few exceptions, we usually don't pair up your child with somebody else's. You can find any relative, classmate or friends to sign up together.

Yes, changing your mind is totally fine. You are in charge! However, it is important to know that our course modules take at least 3 months (most commonly 6 months). Therefore, it is a good idea to plan ahead and not cancel it before the end of a course. Otherwise, the student will have an incomplete learning experience.

You are not required to sign up after the trial. We have a high commitment to only offering the trial to those parents really considering signing up (since we have a real instructor taking their time). Therefore, we require putting the credit card information and providing some basic information and consent in order to avoid issues, such as scams or students not showing up.

Our courses usually take 6 months, but we have content to teach kids for years! Students will automatically advance to new modules. Parents can also request to change courses.

We partner with schools too!

Bring after-school classes risk-free and hands-free!

We provide our entire package: lessons and materials, engineers, and any tools needed.

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