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Our Courses

Course have modules that range from 3-6 months

Scratch and Snap course for Kids and Teenagers
Scratch and Snap!
For Ages 7-14

This is the perfect choice for children to be introduced to Programming. Scratch and Snap! Are very famous block-based programming languages.

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Python course for Kids and Teenagers
For Ages 10-17

This is the perfect choice for teenagers. It is the chosen language to be taught in the most renowned universities in the World due to the fact that it is easy to learn yet very powerful.

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Gaming course for Kids and Teenagers
For Ages 7-14

Get introduced to Game Development by creating amazing games! Create Minecraft games and LEGO-style games with 'Roblox' and more!

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Web Development course for Kids and Teenagers
Web Development
For Ages 11-17

Want to learn how to create your own website? Students will learn how to use HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. Then, they will put the new learned skills into practice by creating different types of websites.

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App Development Course for Kids and Teenagers
Mobile App Development
For Ages 9-17

Choice for students who want to be introduced to Mobile App development. Students will create amazing apps using many phone features such as the microphone, camera, GPS, Accelerometer, NFC and more.

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physical computing for Kids and Teenagers
Physical Computing
For Ages 11-17

Learn the basics of the 'Internet of Things'. Students will use programming skills to change the physical world! Learn how to turn on/off a light, use motion detectors, spin a DC motor and much more!

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graphic design course for Kids and Teenagers
Graphic Design & Animation
For Ages 9-17

Let students unleash their creativity. Students will create amazing arts that can be used either on their games, website or app.

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design thinking course for Kids and Teenagers
Design Thinking
For Ages 10-17

Have a potential entrepreneur at home? Students will experience in a fun style the whole process that many companies (especially startups) follow before they actually launch a software.

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data science for Kids and Teenagers
Data Science
For Ages 15-17

Data Science is the gateway to popular areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. Most big Tech companies today, especially in the Silicon Valley, are battling for professionals with these skills.

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What We Offer

Flexibility and Convenience

Classes that fit any schedule: We guarantee to provide class schedule options that the student is available to attend.

Travelling? No worries. Your child can attend class from anywhere, from any computer.

Quality Instructors

Professionals with industry experience. We also train our instructors and offer our curriculum for a great learning experience.

Mentorship: Help with independent project/study, career advising and networking.

Fully Digital Resources

From lessons and reference books to homeworks. No papers! Everything is available in digital format with no extra cost.

Classes recorded: Student needs to re-watch a class or you want to to see how they are doing? Watch it anytime.

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