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How It Works

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Step 1
Choose Course

We offer courses for all ages. We have different modules and pacing in order to adapt to every child's abilities.

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Step 2
Choose Plan

Pick whether to have a private instructor or to learn along with a group of students. You can also change class frequency.

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Step 3
Fill Out Form

Provide us with some basic info about the student, such as age, experience with coding and available schedule.

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Dive Into Coding

We will find a schedule that works best for the student and also select one of our instructors to start the classes.

Our courses

Courses Have Modules That Range From 3-6 Months

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This is the perfect choice for children to be introduced to Programming. Scratch Are very famous block-based programming languages.

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This is the perfect choice for teenagers. It is the chosen language to be taught in the most renowned universities in the World due to the fact that it is easy to learn yet very powerful.

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Get introduced to Game Development by creating amazing games! Create Minecraft games and LEGO-style games with 'Roblox' and more!

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Web Development

Want to learn how to create your own website? Students will learn how to use HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. Then, they will put the new learned skills into practice by creating different types of websites.

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Our Instructors

Blair Brown

Blair Brown

Software engineer with a degree in Education. Used to teach ESL before becoming an engineer.

Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence

Professional Web developer with an elementary education degree. Previously taught karate in after school programs.

instructor anonymous

And Many Others

​We will select one of our instructors who is the best match for your child - based on their area of expertise.

What We Offer

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Flexibility And Convenience

Classes that fit any schedule: We guarantee to provide class schedule options that the student is available to attend.

Travelling? No worries. Your child can attend class from anywhere, from any computer.

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Quality Instructors

Professionals with industry experience. We also train our instructors and offer our curriculum for a great learning experience.

Mentorship: Help with independent project/study, career advising and networking.

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Fully Digital Resources

From lessons and reference books to homeworks. No papers! Everything is available in digital format with no extra cost.

Classes recorded: Student needs to re-watch a class or you want to to see how they are doing? Watch it anytime.

What Our Customers Say

Dhruv, Former Student

"It was great working with an engineer since there was pretty much no questions that they couldn't help me with. That allowed me to push my learning as hard as I could."

Nathan, School Principal

"Having Code&Play provide after-school coding classes brought so much interest by both parents and students. We wouldn't be able to do it without them."

Lucy, Mother of an 11-Year Old

"My daughter's skills grew so much! She started with the 'Scratch' course and moved to 'Python' later. The instructor was always the same and he regularly shared reports on her performance."


University of MarylandUniversity of Maryland
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Towson UniversityTowson University


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